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Women's Birth & Wellness Center provides excellent personalized care for you and your birth. Preview our YOU & BABY Welcome to learn more.?

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We are dedicated to providing the best possible birthing experience for you and your family! We encourage all laboring moms to eat and drink, along with free movement. Mother's labor at their own pace, there is no maximum or minimum hours that you could be laboring. We encourage partner involvement throughout your pregnancy, labor and birth. Partners and Mothers are welcome to catch their own baby or assist in delivering. We feel that birth is nautral process and should have no intervention but we are fully equipped with medical needs in the case of an emergency.

Informed Consent:
All clients have a right to informed consent. We provide in-depth education and resources to provide informed consent to our clients. Informed consent is when detailed information is given to a client, and that clients decides on the procedure, etc.

Who Can Birth Here:
An out-of-hospital birth is for healthy, low-risk women. Upon becoming a client at Women's Birth & Wellness Center, your midwife will carefully screen you throughout your pregnancy and birth for any medical problems that may risk you out of having an out-of-hospital birth.

Risk Criteria:
All mothers desiring an out-of-hospital birth must fit in our risk criteria. For more details on our risk criteria or to see if we can accept you as a client, please contact us.

Limited Clients Per Month:
At Women's Birth & Wellness Center we feel that it is important that we only accept a certain number of "Due Dates" per month. Although we do understand that a woman can deliver 3-4 weeks before her due date, and up to 2 weeks after her due date, we feel it is important to limit it so we can focus on giving comphensive and personalized care and attention to each of those moms.

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